Colorful playful rich feather hair clip




A feather hair clip in cheerful and playful colors it's not just for the summer atmosphere. White feathers, complemented by a multiple colorful feathers, will make your day more brighter. This hair accessory attract attention of everyone around you, whether in the crowd at the festival or in the city during your weekday. 

It's made of colored feathers, chains, beads, beads from Preciosa company, glass-cut beads, imitation of natural Indian beads and various pendants.

What is a hair clip? It's actually a pin with a comb, that you put in your hair and then just click. Clip is clamped into the hair and upper part of hair hides the clip, so it can't be seen where the feathers begins.

Product is made to order. Production time is about 1-3 days.