Bohemian feather leather set (feather crown, choker)




A set of Indian headband and a braided necklace will attract everyone around you. The set is suitable for thematic photo shoots, but also for parties, carnivals or festivals. Bright colors are light and fresh, but complemented by a dark feather will perfectly dazzle your outfit. 

The lower Indian headband is made of a white and brown natural feathers and a cream-white eco leather, which is braided and complements the character of the whole set. The headband is universal in size, it binds to the strip of eco leather.

The braided choker from the eco leather is decorated with natural shells. It
s universal thanks to the adjusting chain, it adapts to the size of each neck. It's light and comfortable to wear.

The price is for set. 

Product is made to order. Production time is about 1-5 days.