Natural style bohemian festival feather hair clip




If you want to decently complement you hairstyle and attract everyone around you, this is the best way how to do it. It's suitable for every occasion - summer festivals, weddings, parties or just on your daily wear. Try to use a hair clip as an complement for a bohemian headband. You can easily attach it to the back to get a great rich effect of your hairstyle. 

A richly decorated hairpin with natural feathers, eco leather, pendants and natural shells. Used feathers have their natural color in shades of brown and white. 

What is a hair clip? It's actually a pin with a comb, that you put in your hair and then just click. Clip is clamped into the hair and upper part of hair hides the clip, so it can't be seen where the feathers begins.

Product is made to order. Production time is about 1-3 days.